Power of Homeopathy & Vitality - Deep wound and ligaments damage -

[Homeopathy treatment for deep cut wound and ligament damage]

Have you ever wondered how much homeopathy can help our animals? Here is our experience of homeopathy treatment and her journey of recovery. I hope this will help readers to get confident to trust vital force our animals have and there are many cases we can avoid the surgery when it is addressed properly with homeopathy under the help of professionals. ( This article is not something I can promise the same result to animals under your care, please seek a professional advice to use homeopathy and any natural treatment to make them affective.) 

Our cat, Patch had the terrible accident at just before 5pm on 22nd June. Her hind leg was smashed by the door by accident.

DAY1 : First, I gave her 1pill x Arnica 200c and rescue remedy. ( photo1)
After 40 minutes, I decided to take her to the vet as the wound was so big. So I gave her 1 x Arnica 200C and also 1 x Hypericum 30 before we left home.

DAY 2: She stayed at the vet one night to get stitches done. (So she had antibiotic and pain killer as well as anesthetic at the vet but no more after she got home._ I started giving her milk thistle, dandelion root.)

DAY 3:I got a call from the vet and she told her ligament was damaged and needs surgery( costs £1500 +α) (photo2)

After she got home, I gave 1 Arnica 200c, twice a day

DAY4 : 1 x Ruta 30C once a day for a week.

DAY5: I took her to the vet and by this time, Patch's wound was very well recovered. ( photo3) and walking. The vet got very shocked and told me she has never seen it and could not believe it. She said " no surgery!)

DAY10 : photo4

DAY11 : 1 x Symphytum 30C for 5 days

DAY32(TODAY) : It is hard to see her wound and Patch is walking, and jumping with no problem and looks a bit younger than before! ( photo 5)

I want to thank Dogs Naturally Magazine academy, Dr Will Falconar from Vital Animal for their guidance and support and Dr Christopher Day at Alternative veterinary medicine centre  for his constant support and sharing his passion to help animals. For me, it was too hard to trust her healing power when the situation was difficult. With their support and clear guidance, I could trust her life force and provide what she needed. 

This was the big advice that hit my heart. Please read. This really made me think how much we hide important voices from our body that are actually helping the process of recovery and healing.

From Dr Will

"You should be able to get this to heal. Just stay away from unnecessary drugs like antibiotics and pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is part of healing, not some gross mistake of nature. A bit of pain keeps the patient from over using the limb while healing takes place. Antibiotics kill beneficial flora, a big part of the immune system. A cat isn't going to stress those ligaments, light as her body is."