My little apothecary, DA FIORETTI HERBARIUM was born with the hope to reconnect people with abundant Mother Nature through the healing power of herbs to animals.

I source biodynamic/organic herbs that are grown with a great care and passion as I believe in their vital force. They speak and I gather the ones that go well together.

" Small is Beautiful."

I am not the owner of a big company that sells supplements for animals.

I carefully choose the ingredients and blend as well as packing and dispatching. All by myself. I visualise the individual animals and owners who choose me and my herbal products. Things may take a little longer than other online shop but believe me, you will receive the vital herbs that can truly serve your loved animals. 

My aim is not giving any special advice or treatment on specific cases but inspiring people to the holistic care that can enhance/balance the original immune system that our canine companion has. So if you have any questions regarding the illness that your dog has, I would advise you to go and see a holistic vet so that you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment for it.