Thank you for visiting my page and even came and read this page! What an honour! 

Thinking back, I have been always interested in natural remedies. My grandmother often told me that everything we eat is medicine. So, it is perfectly natural for me to raise our children with natural remedies, often including food as a medicine. I hope that I can share everything I have learnt with people who care for dogs. 

In our society, knowledge about something comes first, before we have the opportunity to feel, and tune into whatever it is. We read books, and we think we KNOW from them. For me, the most important thing is to LISTEN. Listening to the plants, listening to our body, and listening to the ones we want to help. Then from there, I believe I will find the way. 

I only use organic or biodynamic ingredients for my products although you won't see the organic certified mark on my products. I hope it raises awareness for people why organic certified products tend to be much more expensive than non certified ones. 

It is because it costs a lot of money to get the organic certify and it forces me to raise prices. My dream is that dogs are eating healthily, exercising happily and you and your dogs are enjoying life together. So I decided not to get the organic certification to keep the prices down as well as I can blend and pack them by my hands with care and love. 

♥Our Organic Herbal Infusions

I only use the tonic herbs that are recognized as safe.


♥ When you start using my herbal infusions, please use a small dose in the beginning to see if your dog has any reaction to it. 

♥ Let our expectations calm down. In general, herbs often need to be given at least 30 days to show their effect, especially infusions are not the 'concentrated tincture' that is normally used for treatment. However, my aim is not treating but supporting the original systems so I hope you will enjoy the process of feeding healthy food and supporting it with herbal power.